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Welcome to Sam Baly Films

Wedding Videography Bristol & South West

Welcome. Sam Baly is an award winning Bristol wedding videographer and photographer who creates stunning cinematic films for romantic couples in the UK and beyond. 

Whether you’re having a small intimate elopement, a destination wedding or a big wedding with all the trimmings, it is my pleasure to give you the very best in wedding filmmaking. That means wedding films that are beautifully shot and filled with emotion, natural portraiture, and attention to details. Films that contain all the most memorable moments of your wedding – those that you witnessed and some you didn’t.

Photos are wonderful for capturing the essence of a moment, but there’s a lot they can’t do. When done well, video excels at providing an immersive experience, preserving the emotional reactions of you and your loved ones, and immortalising a day that would otherwise be consigned to fading memory or photos alone.

A wedding flies by so fast. When all the hard work of preparation is finished, the vows have been made, the speeches given, the dances danced, you’ll have your rings, your promises and your dress.  A wedding film preserves those memories forever in a unique way you can re-experience. I’d love to help you create something amazing.

Please contact me to learn more about how I can help.

Bristol Wedding Videography


Sam Baly Films is a Hitched Wedding Awards 2023 winner in the Videography category – one of the most recommended professionals by newlyweds on

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My Wedding Films Feature…


Discreet shooting – your wedding won’t feel like a film set. We’ll step up to make sure your portrait and group shots are natural and beautiful.

High Quality Audio

We record crisp audio by discreetly miking key people during vows and speeches.

Licensed Music

Music choice is critical. I use only the best music and edit it to fit the emotion of the film.


Bespoke Packages

Tailored packages are available to create the perfect suite of films for you. Or keep it simple by choosing a standard package. 

4k Video

Shot and delivered in incredible 4K for ultimate detail and future proofing.

Drone Footage

Beautiful cinematic aerial footage of your venues really adds a wow factor.

Second Videographer

Multiple angles, better camerawork, multiple locations. We can cover it, and the results are amazing.

A Great Experience

Not just an incredible wedding film…

Good comms, friendly, fun & creative.

My Services

I like to tailor packages to suit each couple. It ensures you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

I love working with…

  • Open-hearted, romantic couples who value emotion, story and authenticity.
  • Couples who want amazing footage of themselves and their friends and families – unobtrusively shot with occasional subtle direction.
  • Adventurous couples who know that this is a once in a lifetime event and want the best results.

Featured Wedding Film

Emma & Harry

Bristol Wedding Film. Get your tissues ready…

What they said…

Client Testimonials

“Blows our minds!”

The video blows our minds every time we watch it. (About 10 times already). The music really suits the style and vibe of our wedding and it’s clear Sam really thought about this.

We will cherish this video forever and really can’t thank him enough. If you’re looking for a wedding videographer then look no further. Thanks again Sam!

Dan & Becky

“Absolutely amazing!”

What an absolutely amazing wedding video…We will cherish this video for years to come, and we could not have asked for more. If you’re thinking about booking Sam, don’t hesitate for a moment longer, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Carey & Nick

“Simply Beautiful”

The video is everything we hoped for and more. You can really see the attention to detail and it is clear that a lot of time and care is spent in the edit bringing everything together. Sam’s work is simply beautiful and the video captures our day perfectly. Thank you so much Sam!

Kirsten & Tom

Make Us Immortal!

Check your date and download the price guide.

About Sam Baly Films - Bristol Wedding Videographer

Sam is a coffee loving, pizza scoffing, guitar wielding, film watching, husband and father of two, who is a giant softy and loves making beautiful things with cameras.

He works throughout the UK and abroad but can mainly be found working in the South West, particularly in Bristol, the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Bath & Somerset.

Here are some of his recommended venues...

- Brympton House, Somerset
- Deer Park House, Devon
- Birtsmorton Court, Gloucestershire
- Manor by the Lake, Gloucestershire
- Coombe Lodge, Somerset
- Cripps Barn, Gloucestershire
- Homme House, Herefordshire
- Old Down Manor, South Gloucestershire
- Sant Fraed House, Abergavenny

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