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Sam Baly - Wedding Videographer Gloucestershire

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UK Wedding Videographer – Sam Baly Films

Meet Sam…

I’m Sam Baly – a UK Wedding Videographer who makes beautiful cinematic wedding films throughout the UK and further afield.

I’m a dad of two, and a husband to my wonderful wife, also a doggie-daddy to my German shorthaired Pointer, Starbuck!

I’d say I’m an emotive and empathetic guy (my wife says I’m just a big softy). In any case, I’m lucky enough to have a family that I adore. It’s this love that tints my spectacles rose and why I absolutely love meeting couples and being asked to tell their love stories.

The joy of watching two people in love on their most special day is not something that I ever tire of witnessing. Nothing is as joyful to film as a wedding, and getting to tell someone’s unique love story as a UK wedding videographer is a genuine privilege.

My Approach…

I want to make you the most amazing film of your wedding day that I can. That involves every little detail that you’ll want to immortalise. That moment outside the church doors before the bride walks in, the groom’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride, the children who grow up so fast. Plus all the details that you worked so hard to plan.

The film I create will be something you can treasure but also will be a piece of history that allows your legacy to be known by your grandchildren and their grandchildren. That’s an amazing thing to have.

Today it’s possible to create a wedding film that resembles something from the movie screen, with you as the stars. That said, I’ll create it as unobtrusively as I can, and allow your day to flow without making it feel like a film set.

I can create a tailored service that caters to your unique wedding, or you can select from standardised packages. Get in touch to tell me about your wedding – I’d love to hear from you.

Bride at the church door

What you won’t find in my films…

Fads and cheesy editing

Fads date quickly. They might be cool for a year or so and then they look old. I aim to provide something that will stand the test of time. 

Music that doesn’t match what’s happening on screen

As someone who has played in a band most of their life, I see music as a crucial component. I agonise over choosing it and then I edit it to fit the emotion of the film.


You don’t see the cameraman in a movie and you won’t here either. A film should be immersive – free of things that pull you out of the moment.

Shaky footage, poor focus, bad framing

All of these things are present for anyone who shoots video at some point – it’s knowing how to deal with them and ensure they don’t ruin your footage that’s important.


A wedding day is full of amazing beautiful moments, but it can’t possibly be like that for every second of the day. A little less conversation, a bit more action, as a wise man once sang. A successful film is as much about what you leave out as what you put in.

Badly recorded audio

Or worse – no audio! Audio is the hardest part of a videographer’s job. It’s also where the emotion lives. I ensure I have crisp and clear recordings of vows, speeches, letters and more. It’s a well known expression that audio is 50% of the experience, and it’s true. 


I help couples pose naturally through movement and their innate connection. It’s fun, easy and authentic and it nips awkwardness in the bud! You can’t look too awkward when you’re moving naturally.

Overly-processed colours

Sepia? Black and white? Hmm not here. Well, certainly not for an entire film! Colour grading is hard. I’ve spent a lot of time honing colours that are pleasing. Check out my films for yourself.

Working with me

It’s important to me that your experience of working with me is as good as the final films I deliver.

You’ll find me relaxed, good humoured and unobtrusive. I’ll fit into your day with my second shooter in a way that blends in. We won’t make huge demands on your time.

I’m available to discuss the wedding video with you at any time before the wedding to ensure we capture everything that’s important to you, and I make it a priority to respond quickly and professionally at all times.

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Why Choose Sam Baly Films?

  1. I am a wedding videographer first. Not a photographer who decided to expand their offerings into video. I’ve invested years in my training as a videographer, and that shows in my films.
  2. I’ve invested in my equipment to make the most beautiful cinematic wedding films I can, and I keep investing all the time.
  3. I make things easy and fun. Hire me and let me take care of the details.
  4. I have a background in audio, so I know how to capture the spoken parts of your wedding that many leave out.
  5. Tasteful! The film I make you will stand the test of time. I don’t do fads.
  6. Great communication. I’ll respond quickly and clearly, and communicate with other vendors ahead of the day.
  7. I include things like drone footage, a second shooter and 4K resolution as standard for most full day shoots.
  8. I produce short wedding films of up to 10 minutes that feature all the best moments of the day that you’ll watch over and over again, not long, dull, home-style movies you’ll never watch more than a couple of times.
  9. I only shoot a limited number of wedding films per year to ensure I can spend the time on them that they deserve. I make sure we’re a good fit too.
  10. I provide a main wedding film and any other edits (such as the full ceremony or speeches) as separate films, making them easier to watch.
a silhouetted couple kiss against the setting sun

Where do I work?

I’m a UK wedding videographer based in Thornbury in South Gloucestershire (somewhere between Bristol and the Cotswolds), but can be found working all over the UK – especially the South West including:

  • The Cotswolds
  • Gloucestershire
  • Herefordshire
  • South Wales
  • Wiltshire
  • Bristol
  • Bath & Somerset
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Oxfordshire

I’m happy to travel though, so if you’re having a wedding further afield whether in the UK or abroad including elopements and destination weddings, I may be able to help.

Check your date!

I’d love to give you more details. Make an enquiry to check your date.