Filming weddings is a difficult job. The first one I filmed by myself made me realise just how tricky they can be! A ceremony is a complex affair – you need multiple camera angles to capture everything and to ensure that the video isn’t boring to watch.

You also need to be in two places at the same time in the morning with the bride and groom getting ready in separate locations.

Then there’s the possibility that you’ll make some kind of small error that could potentially ruin an important shot.

At a wedding, there are no second chances. Everything only happens once. Put simply, having multiple video shooters means that nothing about your most special day will go un-captured.

Filming events is all about having backups. Backup power, backup storage, backup cameras, backup lenses, backup lights, backup audio recorders, backup stabilisers… the list goes on. Having a second shooter means there’s a backup camera angle that is operated by a human, rather than left to its own devices! It gives us more options in post production too.

So if faced with the choice of a single shooter vs a partnership or team of shooters, I’d always advise multiple videographers. It doesn’t cost a videographer a huge amount more to have a second shooter with them and the results more than justify the cost.

I like to bring a trusted second shooter with me to all my weddings to ensure we don’t miss a beat of your wedding and can create a perfect film you can treasure forever.