Whilst it may be true that a wedding videographer will largely find great stuff to shoot all by themselves on your wedding day, there’s certainly no harm in giving them a helping hand on occasion. This is particularly true when it comes to details. By details I mean the little things that have sentimental value to you that you want to make part of your day. For example, charms, jewellery, the scent you wore, the rings, invitations, order of service, something borrowed, something blue… you get the picture!

Filming or photographing these things ensures you remember them, and with them, they things or people they represent. It’s also good to think about the setting for these items to be photographed or filmed in. Detail shots are usually taken during the preparation part of the day, and this will usually mean a home, hotel room, or bridal suite. Find the most pleasing setting you can to place your items in and remember natural light through a window is usually required to make shots look as good as possible.

Ideas for Detail Shots – Bride

  • Jewellery – particularly if this is from a parent or grandparent. The jewellery you wear on your wedding day will always be precious. It’ll be great to have it filmed in a beautiful way.
  • Scent – perfume bottles are often works of art in themselves and always look classy. Smell is so important to our memories, so capturing the scent you wear on your wedding helps you (and others!) remember what that was.
  • Pictures and charms – I’ve filmed lots of wedding where remembering someone departed means a lot to the bride or groom. Having their picture, whether in a frame, locket, charm etc is a great way to feel like they’re with you on the day.
  • The dress – be for you get into your dress, make sure to hang it somewhere clean, uncluttered and lit well – windows are usually good places. Be imaginative though – if the weather is fine, you can always try hanging it from a tree outside. I always love to get shots of the dress before it’s worn.
  • Shoes – as above. Place the shoes and dress together usually.
  • Order of service, invitation  – something that shows the date – you’re unlikely to forget this, but it’s nice to see these things on a video to remember them.
  • Maybe any mementos that remind you of your engagement such as the ring, or a photo taken at the time, or a champagne cork.


Ideas for Detail Shots – Groom

Guys are typically not so sentimental – at least outwardly! But many of the same things go for the groom as for the bride…

  • The rings – obvs! Rather than just shoot these in their box, it’s nice to take them out of the box and arrange them in a pleasing way, whether around foliage, or something rustic. If the room where the groom prep is taking place isn’t that aesthetically pleasing, or doesn’t offer many opportunities for this, then it might be better to do this shot later in the day – if you can bear for the videographer to disappear with them for a few minutes!
  • Outfit – I tell my second shooter to capture all the details of your outfit from shoes to waistcoat and tie. I like to show the groom preparing his outfit and adjusting it all.
  • Scent – again, it’s good to remember what you were wearing – if you use a special scent it will always remind you of that day.
  • it might be best for the groom to have an invitation or order of service to include in details shots – since there’s probably less detail stuff of his to shoot otherwise.
  • Picture of loved ones
  • Cufflinks and watches – these are often either bespoke or could have sentimental value
  • Gifts – it can be good to film the groom opening or handing out gifts
  • Letter / cards – I think this is an amazing way to start a wedding day. Write something personal to each other that you can read as you prepare. This will definitely set the mood for the day and heighten the emotions! If you feel like reading it aloud, that can also be great to film as it captures the emotions beautifully.

Thinking about these little details is worth it for both your photos and wedding video. They all contribute to creating memories of the most special day in your life. Just be prepared for the photographer and videographer to arrange them how they like them for best effect.