If you watch a load of different highlights videos from various wedding videographers, you should pay attention to which films you find move you emotionally and which don’t. My guess is that the ones that contain speech are more emotional for you as the viewer.

Audio is half the experience of watching a film. It’s incredibly important to generating emotion. Just having beautiful imagery isn’t enough. It’s hard to connect with a couple in a random wedding highlights film without hearing something personal about them. Whether that’s someone speaking at the ceremony or during the speeches at the wedding breakfast, it’s hearing about the uniqueness of the couple and their relationship that makes it real and gives you something to connect with.

In addition, the quality¬†of that audio is equally important. It doesn’t matter how moving the speech is… if it’s poor quality, quiet, scratchy audio full of drop-outs or artefacts, it’s not going to be very enjoyable to listen to.

Far too many new videographers concentrate too much on the visual side of things whilst ignoring the audio side. For my films, I make sure that my groom (and sometimes bride) are discretely miked as well as the celebrant. I ensure I capture another source of audio by using another mic, and have all my cameras recording audio for backup.

Speeches are also close miked with another audio source running for backup. These key moments in the day are then used in the highlights film to tell the story of the couple. Beautiful, thoughtfully written personal words about you are right up there with the most important moments of your wedding day. They will make your wedding film all the more emotional and precious a thing.