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Why Book an Engagement Video?

Engagement videography

Photos are brilliant, but I believe that professional engagement videography can deliver something that photos can’t – an emotional power that comes from being able to combine movement, voices and music in a film. It’s simply more immersive and evocative than photos alone.

Creating engagement videos is one of my favourite things to do, and there are so many good reasons for doing it…

  • We can choose any location you like and wait until the forecast and the light is just right – something you can’t control on a wedding day.
  • We’re not so constrained by time, so we can create something truly amazing.
  • We can get to know eachother better ahead of the wedding, meaning a more relaxed and fun experience if I’m booked to film your wedding.

Engagement videography is included in my Diamond package, but it’s bookable by itself or as an option on another package. I can also provide photography as well as video.

Check out some of my engagement films on this page and get in touch below to tell me about your ideas.

Engagement Videography

Let’s make these moments immortal.

Proposal Video

Capture your proposal on film

There are some of life’s moments that are simply too important to not film. Your wedding is one, but this is where it starts. This is such a crucial moment in each of our lives, it just begs to be immortalised.

If you’re planning something rather incredible to propose to your girl or guy, I would be honoured to help capture it for you.

Get in touch to discuss what you’ve got up your sleeve and I’ll be happy to work out how we can do it so nothing gets given away!

Proposal videos are short and sweet so they don’t need to cost the earth to do. As well as shooting a proposal video, I also take stills, and can combine it with a couple shoot to really make the most of the occasion.

Add pre and post interviews, and edited in phone footage from your friends into the mix, and you’ve got a short docu-film to relive this day forever.

Say Yes?

Want to create some incredible memories?

Proposal engagement video

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