It’s a bit of a bloke thing. Public displays of emotion make us feel incredibly vulnerable and ashamed. As men, we’re told to control our emotions; that boys don’t cry etc. This is all absolute nonsense, of course. And I think that most of us know this deep down, but it’s very hard to throw off our cultural conditioning.

When it comes to your wedding day, the more (joyful) emotion the better. The audience at your ceremony are going to respond to the emotion  of the couple. If you don’t show any emotion, it’s a lot harder for others to feel it with you. At least on your wedding day you should be able to rest assured that everyone there is rooting for you. They’re totally with you and on your side. No display of emotion is going to do anything other than endear you all the more to those witnessing your wedding.

So whilst you’re at the top of the aisle watching your beautiful bride walking towards you, why would you rob yourself of actually fully experiencing the emotion that comes with that moment? For the sake of being ‘manly’, is it worth holding all that back so people don’t think you’re ‘weak’ or ‘pathetic’? It’s not pathetic or weak to fully commit to someone, and that moment is one of the crescendos of your entire life. I say: fully experience that. Don’t try to suppress it. And selfishly, from a film-maker’s point of view, it makes for a MUCH better wedding film! 😉